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Sport boarding house and Conference Centre

Sport boarding house and Conference Centre


On the 31st of December 2012, a modernization of sport boarding house “Zakopane” was finished. The modernization was carried out in the years 2010-2012. Altered building has 97 rooms, among them 2 studio rooms, and 182 beds in total. Furthermore, it has conference facilities, consisting of audio-visual room with 140 seats capacity in theatrical layout, and 2 small conference rooms with sound and multimedia equipment, for about 20 people each. Moreover, biological regeneration facilities were modernized, which offers among others:

  • Hydrotherapy: hydro massage bathtubs, whirlpools, jaccuzis;
  • Laser therapy, physicotherapy: a number of such equipment like among others: Laser and magnetic therapy devices, shockwave therapy set
  • Cryotherapy: cryotherapy capsules
  • Saunas: small sauna, big sauna
  • Hypoxic exercise gym: training gym, where creating conditions for altitude training is possible (from 2000 MASL to 8000 MASL)
  • 10 rooms with hypoxia: 10 double room with hypoxia installation, where creating condition for altitude training is possible

About the hypoxia at the “Zakopane” sport boarding house.

Endurance training, so called High Altitude, has perfectly worked out during last years among both the athletes and physical effort enthusiasts. Professional athletes are completely convinced about the effectiveness of endurance trainings in simulated high altitude conditions.

Benefits of High Altitude Training:

  • Increase in the number of erythropoietin /EPO hormone/
  • Increase in the number of erythrocytes
  • Increase of the amount of haemoglobin
  • Influence on adaptive factors of cardiovascular system
  • Increase in value of VO2max /maximal oxygen uptake/
  • Improvement in physical efficiency
  • Considerable improvement of fitness efficiency in sport achievements

Hypoxic exercises are ideal training for both professional competitors and amateurs. Processed air and simulated atmospheric conditions realistically re-create high altitude conditions.

Improved physical efficiency during High Altitude Training

As tests show, one of the possibilities to improve exercises efficiency for athletes is the method, which involves spending time and sleep at a designated high and training at a sea level.

Monitoring system can control every room simultaneously with the following parameters:

  • Oxygen density level in every room
  • Variable humidity factor level in every room
  • Temperature, which is adjusted separately in every room
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide


Pricelist BOARDING HOUSE –„ZAKOPANE” 1 Bronislawa Czecha St.





28.02- 25.03.2016

29.03- 24.06.2016

01.09- 22.12.2016




03.01- 28.02.2016

25.03- 29.03.2016

24.06- 01.09.2016




22.12.2016- 03.01.2017


single room BB

150 zł

160 zł

180 zł

double room BB

250 zł

290 zł

320 zł

3-beded room BB

360 zł

390 zł

450 zł

4-beded room BB

380 zł

410 zł

480 zł

double suite BB

390 zł

420 zł

500 zł

Dog stay

20 zł

20 zł

20 zł


  • Breakfast 25,00 PLN (included in the price of accomodation)
  • Dinner 26,00  PLN
  • Supper 22,00 PLN

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